2021 Grant fund applications (Closed)

This is to welcome our community partners, who provide services to those in need within our community, using funds that the Norwich Lions Club (NLC) supplies, based on grant applications that are prioritized among those received within the funds that the club has collected in a given year.

  • Applications were due March 12th.
  • All applications will be compiled and shared with the finance committee by March 31st.
  • The finance committee will convene in early April and recommend grant recipients to the NLC board of directors.
  • The NLC board of directors will determine which applicants receive funding in the second half of April.

Click here for the: grant guidelines letter. Click here to download the: grant application form. In developing your application, please consider the following:

1. Most awards in the past have been $250-$1,000. All awards will be considered based on their merit.
2. Funds may be granted to help complete projects already underway.
3. Preference is given to projects:

* In which applicant volunteer time is included.
* To which the organization is contributing funds.
* That serve children, the sick or the disabled.
* In addition: this year we will focus our funding efforts on projects that help those in our community affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Please list how you specifically address the need in this area.

4. Our preference is a specific project, not an annual budget request.
5. Applicants may receive funding for a specific project only once in a 12-month period.
6. Successful applicants will turn in a brief report explaining how the funds were used.