Membership in Norwich Lions  Club offers individuals opportunities for personal growth  and leadership and the feeling of fulfillment that come  from volunteering.

As of October 2021, Norwich Lions Club members included:

Mel Aaron, Dave Barthel, Nicolaas Bekker, Deborah Bernal, Rusty Bernal, Roy Black, Glenn Britton, Cheryl Brush, Frances DeGasta, Gary DeGasta, Dave Delucia, Mickey (Stuart) Elsberg, Steve Flanders, Ciaran Geraghty, Sean Kenny, Kyle Koehler, David Lemal, Jim Maguire, Roseanne Maguire, Richard Neugass, Harjit Rakhra, Ray Royce, Demo Sofronas, Peter Stanzel, Warren Thayer, Rick Tucker, Nicole Vecchi, and Phil Wheeler.

Please join us as a guest by contacting:

Covid-compliant members in March 2021